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A FrameworkRework


A brand-new web framework with a standardized, highly controlled and secured process. An advanced technology stack that allows flexibility in brand communication strategy without any restrictions in design and functionality. The user-centered and mobile-first design that enriches the user experience and improves website performance.

Oh yes, time and cost savings. Nearly forgot that one.


  • 30 %
    of original cost
  • 80 %
    time reduction
  • 38 %
    organic search improvement
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Global Director FMCG


While the existing website framework gave uniformity and scalability possibilities to the numerous global brands' websites, it was highly restrictive regarding functionalities and creative opportunities.

As a result, our client faced difficulties in consumer engagement and the usage of best-in-class technology solutions. Control and compliance posed an additional challenge due to the large number of agencies involved in website management.

So, we advised it was time for a change.


Forming a new web framework was based on the latest technology stack combinations that would allow customization and functional flexibility.
It also involved shaping new processes by establishing comprehensible website requirements, standardizing procedures, and setting up quality checkpoints.

Furthermore, we needed to make sure other agencies will continue to deliver with the same quality. This was made possible by requiring special certification for any agency involved.
We formed a components library to gather website modules and endure reusing parts of websites across brands.
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