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CMG’s Photo & Video Service is Live

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All eyes on you

Branding of a company is a backbone of good business. Good brands, with a continuous and high-quality branding process, get good results – Bad ones have an opportunity to become good! But, to achieve good branding, you need a strategy, and every good strategy will put an imperative on the creation and implementation of the highest industry standard assets.  

One of those assets is visual identity. The customers can only identify with your brand if they can see it. It applies both to your goods, services, and your brand as a whole. Stock photos and videos are like a demo experience of your brand; just a taste of what it could actually be. 

Through studio quality photos & videos you will be able to connect to your customers and your employees on a whole different level. 


We have developed photo & video production precisely for that reason. To provide our clients with the highest industry standard assets and boost the quality of B2B and B2C communication, all in one place. 

Our goal is to deliver exactly what our clients asked for; genuine, high-quality, studio-made content. 

Our production includes: 

  • Creative 
  • Pre-production 
  • Production 
  • Post-production

How can this benefit you? We can jump in at any stage of your project or need, whether it is only an idea or an asset that just needs a little tweaking to make it perfect. 

The goal of our photo & video service is to provide you with genuine, highquality, studiomade content, all in one place. 

Going all out

We decided to create an in-house studio, cutting no corners. Investing in a team of professionals and best quality gear is the only way to provide our clients with the quality of service that CMG always strives for. 

Our services include:

  • Corporate team photography
  • Product photography
  • Commercial photography
  • Event photography
  • Lifestyle photography
  • Food photography
  • Social media photography
  • Social media video
  • Educational video
  • Event & interview recording
  • Promo video
  • Corporate video
  • TV Commercials

Lights, camera, action

Apart from production, we also offer adaptation and scaling of existing assets across any channel and language, all by us and all in-house! 

Don’t leave your branding to chance – Leave it to CMG! 

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Showcase of CMG video and photo production services. The best way to move forward is to keep in motion, see the flavours, witness the freshness, spot the difference. Top-notch photo & video content made for you by us. At scale. At speed. That's CMG.