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Introducing Our Photo & Video Studio

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Say Cheese!

In a digital design & smart production agency, it’s important to promote the healthy growth of specialist teams. Our devs, SEO wizards, tech warriors, and project managers are constantly developing their processes to offer the best possible solution for our clients. There is also a creative side to CMG – our designers, copywriters, and 3D experts are always coming up with new creative ideas to reach the needs of various world markets.
One idea was to provide our clients with an efficient, flexible, cost-effective way of creating top-notch assets. Our new Photo & Video studio was born.
Our clients demand a diverse approach; we can deliver multiple types of content and assets, cost-effectively and all in one place – at CMG.

Improvise. Adapt. Create Your Studio.

Listening and understanding the clients’ needs while analyzing the market and finding the optimal ways of creating solutions makes an agency a go-to agency.

Post-production corrections are a normal thing. Sometimes you need to see the results or even deploy a solution to know what you want, but this can be hard to do without proper technical support.


CMG studio opened – problem solved!

The studio allows us to deploy our photo & video professionals in a ‘blink of a camera lens’ and create the best possible results in shorter times than before. We set priorities, guide and execute any creative initiative from start to finish.

Except for fast adaptation to feedback, Photo & Video origination and creation is a great way to provide our clients with the assets that will represent them in the best way possible, having in mind all the various digital channels.

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Showcase of CMG creative studio team while making photos & videos and their professional equipment.

The camera is rolling.

The projects are on their way, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Our creative department became richer, and the ideas are flying left and right because when you approach something wholeheartedly and with a good plan, the results show.

P.S. The locations in Croatia are breathtaking, so any field photo & video work is a joy to do and rocking from the start!