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Giving relevancy to a target audience is one of the main priorities in advertising. The target audience is overwhelmed with standard digital content types, so the video needs to offer additional values to engage with the target. The question is how to offer and add a layer of engagement? Voltaren launched a campaign with the intention to drive user engagement through an interactive video format uploaded to the brand website, and they needed our help.

This is great, honestly very good. I really like the experience, layout and interactivity.

Global Marketing Director


We reused existing assets, enhanced content and briefed our tech team where developer magic did all the rest. The dev. team has created interactive touch-points so our audience can choose and customize their own journey as they watch and gamify the experience. User-friendly, video-like deliverable embed into the website or blog with a simple line of code.


A production of a an interactive video for one fo the leading Consumer Health brands. Entire tehnical concept was scaled not only across local markets but even different categories from Pain to Oral. Based on our proprietary solution and smart production approach, delivery has been expedited by 57% and local cost have been reduced by 80%.

Delivery time reduced by


longer engagement


increase purchase intent


increase brand recall