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How to make your video POP

October 24, 2022 Creative
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We all want to be a video star

Videos are great! They are the type of content every brand wants to feature on their platforms and the type of content every target audience will gladly consume. They are easy to digest, grab attention, vary in size, and there is something for everybody. Because of their popularity, it is really hard to know how to make that one video that will rule the web. What is the key? Is there a secret formula or a spell we can use to make that one perfect video? Well, talking from experience, we will cover some points that can make your video fire!

Get ready to dive right into it.

  • Entertain, inspire, or educate
  • Give your social media video a value – aim to educate, entertain, or inspire your audience.

  • Grab the attention
  • As we live in the world of scrolling, the video content has to be super captivating in the first few seconds. Otherwise, there’s a big risk the audience will skip the video or keep scrolling.

  • Don’t depend on sound
  • When creating video content for social media, the „no-sound“ experience is a very smart move. Nowadays, many mobile users have their sound off by default which automatically means the videos on social media are muted until the user chooses to turn on sound. If the sound is crucial for the video, the best thing to do is to encourage viewers to tap for sound in the video description or captions.

  • Add captions
  • Although video can be successful in completely wordless or text-only formats, there are times when dialogue is a must. In that case, make sure to add captions so viewers can follow along.

  • Keep it short and cute
  • Short videos proved to be the best length type for social media since the average viewer attention span has dropped dramatically in recent years. Furthermore, for example, videos on Instagram Stories have to be under 15s in length, and those posted on TikTok should be under a minute long, and despite that, they are showing huge results.

  • Loop
  • Since videos on Instagram and short videos on Facebook and Twitter loop automatically – it’s not a bad idea to try a seamless loop that viewers won’t notice.

  • Upload natively
  • When you upload a video file directly to the platform, this video is called a „native“ video, which means it’s not being shared from another platform. Platform’s algorithms are prioritizing native videos, so if you upload them natively, it’s more likely to be seen.

  • Include CTA
  • By including CTAs in your videos, you can encourage more social interaction or enhance the sale of the service or product.

    Wheater by subtly asking viewers to become your subscribers, to post a suggestion, or by leading consumers to product pages – CTAs ensure growth in any way.

  • Optimize the video for search
  • It’s crucial to optimize the video for search by including relevant keywords in the video title, description, and video tags to be visible and relevant among the numerous other videos and information selected by search engines. Furthermore, the eye-catching and well-designed thumbnail is often key to getting the audience to click on the video.

Now, grab your camera!

Nothing is black and white (except for B&W videos), so try to see what tips fit your content the best. It is all about conveying the message while making your videos interesting. If you find the perfect balance, the audience will come. The good thing is there can never be enough videos, so you can try and experiment a lot, and when you finally hit the perfect formula, you will know.

If you would like to know more about video as a type of content, be sure to check out our other article, where we go in-depth about videos on social media.

You can find it here.


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