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Social media as a channel is an amazing opportunity to build awareness, develop trust and authenticity. An average consumer on social network encounters around 5000 branding messages a day. At this point, #pinktober is pretty universally recognized and businesses are really starting to rally around the cause and create effective and creative marketing campaigns targeting women and their families.

For Sensodyne, there was a need to create new and unified digital content supporting a “pink ribbon” initiative with the goal to increase awareness about a sensitive topic.

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Nordics Brand Manager


Several design iterations, senior creative resources, proactive suggestions and concepting. In all honesty, it could have been done with less effort, but with same digital standards. Still, our teams wanted to contribute. Not only to the brand goals, but also to the campaign goals. Design was made in order to be easily scalable on other markets, and hopefully - the message as well. It's important to have regular check-ups, whether it's your brand, your business, or your body. And CMGers are always happy to do their part in the digital arena.


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, we helped unveil Sensodyne's #pinkribbon campaign, where we encouraged community to act and raised awareness on social media. Unified look-and-feel was achieved through all the targeted social media networks assuring complete coverage from statics, carousels, animations, and videos.

Through an integrated campaign, we helped educate the public about specifics of breast cancer & ways to prevent it, empowering women of all ages to share their experiences with other women across the globe.