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The Future of Work

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Navigating Remote Teams, Hybrid Models, and the Evolving Workplace Landscape

The future of work – where, as we now know, anything is possible, and we have no idea what kind of crazy adventures await us! Who would have thought we’d be having meetings with our kids screaming in the background and our furry friends popping up on Teams screens? Like we were living in our very own sitcom.

It seemed lightyears away now, and in the meantime, the hybrid work model has emerged as a shining star in the realm of work arrangements, offering the best of both worlds.

According to CMGers, a flexible workplace not only has its perks, but it is also by far the most valued benefit (the employee survey results don’t lie). Add flexible working hours, and you have yourself a dream job.

With this remarkable transformation, we’ve entered a dynamic and ever-changing universe that embraces collaboration, flexibility, and well-being.

But how to maintain a strong sense of community and a shared sense of purpose among team members who are dispersed across various locations and don’t necessarily share the same outlook on (home)office?

  • Effective communication is paramount. Establishing clear and open communication channels is essential to keep everyone connected and informed. To keep their crew connected, much of this lies on Tem Leaders. At CMG, we added a monthly Town Hall meeting. We turn on our cameras and invite the whole company to get and share news, raise concerns, and celebrate successes.
  • Engagement activities and initiatives. Whether we gather to clean up a beach or learn how to participate in a rescue mission, it is important to have common goals and opportunities to meet and enjoy some laughs outside the office.
  • Cross-functional collaboration. This is a dance that breaks down silos, allowing employees to build relationships beyond their immediate teams and improve their skills. Our Delivery and Client Services are a stellar example of how that dance with a client can bring both joy and results.
  • Celebrating successes and milestones. Whether through virtual celebrations, shout-outs in team and Town Hall meetings, or shared announcements – celebrating milestones helps create a sense of collective pride and reinforces a shared purpose.
  • Investing in employee well-being. Being humane in a digital era to us means supporting employees’ well-being, both professionally and personally. Providing resources and initiatives that promote work-life harmony, mental health, and overall well-being is a priority.
  • Culture of inclusivity and respect. Open and regular feedback, active listening, and sharing of diverse perspectives make the backbone of this list and a forever P&C workshop topic (sorry, not sorry).

In this ever-changing landscape, organizations need to adapt, innovate, and create a future-proof workplace! We believe that embracing a holistic approach that considers physical space, technology integration, and employee well-being is the recipe for today but also for the unknown future.

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