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Digital accessibility, a story of caring

Your brands are working intensively to reach various audiences and target groups. Relatable campaign messages, emotional impact, viral reach, influencer marketing, and many other crafted strategies focus on obtaining results. But sometimes, the greatest solutions are the simplest ones – bringing humanity to digital.

What is accessibility in the digital landscape?

Accessibility is securing equal access, consideration, and inclusion of people with disabilities in all areas. This audience can be supported even from the creative phase by enhancing already produced content with accessibility standards, ensuring the right implementation supports both users and content-reading technologies.

Accessibility is even more. Content on the web is consumed in seconds, and your message can easily lose the spotlight in this digital jungle. Accessibility supports conveying the message most simply and concisely with the effective perception of textual, auditory, and visual areas.

Accessibility is making our digital life easier.

All the moments matter, from watching a video with closed captions at night, switching to the audio while moving, to setting optimal text reading settings for a longer chunk of text – accessibility is here to support us with the challenges of these fast times.

Now, this is an opportunity for your brand to showcase the most honest interest and authentic approach to engaging with consumers. This audience and community will surely push this further with additional shares and recommendations of content that is accessible and easy to perceive. And after all, nobody should have a hard time becoming part of a story.

How can we achieve accessible, friendly digital assets?

At CMG, we offer our clients an opportunity to collaborate with us on creative content accessibility auditing, finding solutions and proposals based on textual, auditory, and visual areas, closed captioning and audio description for video content, AI voice solutions for larger time-limited scopes, with copywriting and transcription for accessible search-friendly content and easy implementation on platforms and social networks.

Join us on our accessible journey!