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Creating inclusivity in the digital asset omniverse

While closing our eyes and thinking about inclusivity – an interesting question appears – what has the greatest power to connect all our human differences, unlimited by the borders of space and time?


Music creates shared experiences that bond people; It is omnipresent, from our mobile devices, through spaces, social hangouts, venues, festivals, and even in moments of our solitude – a particular song connects us all. Music has an emotional resonance that evokes powerful emotions, connecting listeners with others to share these correlating feelings, stories, and inspiration. In terms of cultural exchange, it serves as a bridge between different cultures, allowing people to explore and appreciate the music of other cultures; it builds communities, brings people together, and supplies a sense of belonging and connection. It is also a form of communication – helping people with different backgrounds and cultures to find common ground. Amazing, isn’t it? Music is our influencer of inclusivity!

How can we transfer all these superhero powers into the vast digital landscape surrounded by websites, videos, banners, and images presenting a variety of individuals participating in different activities – that should correlate with us?

Arranged coloring pencils on paper, with human emotions depicted

How often we found ourselves drawing parallels between actions, people, and situations that we meet in real life – with celebrities, commercial actors, or social media influencers on our feeds? Whether it’s a shared physical resemblance, similar mannerisms, or even just a familiar tone of voice. These connections can create a sense of kinship – a clicking spark with our family, culture, life experiences, trust, values, needs, curiosity, and many more.

To light these sparks by using the campaign’s digital assets – audio, video, text, 3D, and other next-gen content forms – we need to strive towards building authentic portrayals, creating similarities, and inspiring interaction and communication.

Inclusivity in digital advertising has the power to shape our perception, transform lives, and share the beauty and knowledge behind diversity.

By embracing inclusive representation, we can create a world where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. Join us on a journey where we explore how to create inclusivity, as inclusivity matters more than ever in our digital assets:

    1. Representation: It means featuring people from diverse backgrounds in your ads and ensuring that your creative content reflects the reality of the world we live in. This includes showing people of different ages, genders, races, ethnicities, abilities, and body types, among other characteristics.


    1. Stereotyping: This means avoiding depictions of individuals or groups that reinforce negative and limiting beliefs about them. For example, avoiding gendered or racial stereotypes that portray people in a narrow or derogatory way.


    1. Language: Using inclusive language means avoiding exclusive or offensive words or phrases to certain groups. This can include avoiding gendered language, ableist language, or language considered to be derogatory or discriminatory towards any group.


    1. Accessibility: Ensuring that your advertising content is accessible to people with disabilities is another important consideration. This can include using captions or audio descriptions for videos, ensuring that website content is accessible to screen readers, and supplying alternative formats for people who may have difficulty accessing certain types of content.


  1. Authenticity: Finally, ensure your advertising is authentic and reflects your brand’s values. Meaning not just paying lip service to diversity and inclusivity but actively taking steps to ensure that your advertising is inclusive and representative of today’s world. It also means being aware of your own biases and working to address them in your creative content.
Handshake and socializing between a person with special needs and an African American individual within a room.

Inclusivity holds the power to foster relatable connections that transcend superficial differences. By embracing authentic representation, challenging stereotypes, amplifying underrepresented voices, and cultivating empathy through shared experiences, we create a world where everyone’s story matters.

Let us embrace the opportunity to shape a more inclusive future—one pixel at a time. Together, we can build a world where our digital assets reflect the beauty and strength of humanity in all its wonderful diversity.