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Unveiling The Power of Employee Wellness

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Strategies for Promoting Work-Life Harmony and Mental Well-being

In today’s realm of work arrangements, there are models bringing us to work-life harmony closer than ever before. Let’s be honest – for all of us lucky ones, embracing 30 extra minutes for your morning coffee and chewing your breakfast instead of battling traffic was an easy task. And that’s just the morning routine.

Spending more time on self-care or with family and friends and simply having more time to rest and unwind – means contributing to the overall quality of life. And we don’t want to give this flexibility up. Luckily, at CMG, we don’t have to.

This is how we translate humanity in digital, and since one of the pillars it rests on is mental health, we see it as a priority to contribute to employee wellness.

Flexibility is on top of our list with a few other elements that can make or break a healthy relationship towards work and impact our well-being.

So, what does flexibility do for us other than improving quality of life; what is on the other side of that harmony, and how does that affect our well-being?

  • Flexibility – Other than making the most of your free time, flexibility provides freedom and fosters a sense of autonomy and control during our workday. This fuels our motivation and empowers us to own our work and strive for excellence. On our terms.

    Many CMG creatives have a special appreciation for their undisturbed rabbit hole, their home office, while some prefer the buzz of the office. Luckily, there is a choice to do both.

    Add career flexibility and the opportunity to try something new on the CMG playground, and you have a great environment to grow – professionally and personally.

  • Supportive Culture & Sense of Purpose – Empathy and kindness among team members are the highest-rated elements in CMG check-ins. “My team makes it all worth it.”

    And while that is great to hear, we strive to spread that umbrella across the whole company, giving us a sense of one unified community with a shared sense of purpose.

    As for individual achievement unlocking – mastering a skill, putting it to use on a project, and having the whole world see the result, seems to be a great goal to achieve.

  • Mindfulness – Practicing mindfulness can be a lifesaver, no matter how far we have mastered work-life harmony. Between yoga classes, workshops, and discussions, we hope you have picked up a tip or two for yourself. Getting the best out of your Multisport card and booking that yearly medical check-up is another step towards well-being and is always supported by a gentle push from our Company Communications.
  • And finally, there is Trust – the gravitational force that binds it all together. It is also the name of an improvement area we all had to work on over the last couple of years. It requires mutual effort and sticking together when we hit a rough patch. Knowing we thrive on flexibility and freedom, we need to trust each other, talk often and talk openly.

And if you need to talk, your P&C SPOC is here.