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Panadol Web

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    Australia, UAE, Malaysia, Denmark, South Africa, Uruguay, Peru

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Panadol, a major global pain reliever needed a global master website redesign with all associated microsites, as a result of a newly launched new visual brand language.
Not only that, it needed to be immediately scaled on five markets, which meant simultaneous work with global and local teams. Basically, building a train while it's moving.

Thank you so much team. We are super excited to see the website live after bunch of hard work!

Global Marketing Manager


All lot of departments were instantly engaged; SEO & Analytics, UX/UI team, graphic designers, developers - all lead by a flexible cross-functional managerial unit. Close attention was paid to each market's specifics, adhering to socio-cultural nuances. ‍

Several iterations were continuously produced, and our SPOCs made sure to maintain a close and frequent connects with all stakeholders, streamlining and optimizing a complex approval process.


Successful reskin of a major global Pain Category Consumer Health brand, followed by prompt localization to five markets. Content? Relatable, but locally relevant and authentic. Procedure? Quick and painless. Side-efects? Higher user engagement may occur, for specifics please contact your trusted digital agency.