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Our client had a St. Nicholas campaign in plan for the launch but there was a need to recreate additional props. No shooting and no assets, with tight deadlines. We needed an an out-of-the-box solution so we called our 3D team. They're supposedly good with boxes.

A very strong client-focused team…in a fast, easy and quite a visual way to pragmatically deliver against our requests and deliver 3D magic.

GSK Global Digital Marketing Manager
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3D animation presenting the work by CMG 3D team for the following clients: Aquafresh with their Captain Aquafresh, Voltaren Tube applicator, Physiogel body lotion range products and Polident denture fixative.


Alignment with the client was made quickly. We began sculpting the identical Captain Aquafresh face geometry to use it as a tracking geometry. The second stage focused on the 3D tracking parameters. We ran through a lot of phases until we had satisfying tracking data.‍
In the final stage, we modeled, textured, and rendered Captain Sinterklaas's Hat. A weird guy, btw.


How to bring a smile to your children's faces while making sure they also have a perfect shine? Easy, combine the good old present-giving St. Nicholas with the oral health superhero Captain Aquafresh.

No assets? Not a problem. Different market? It doesn't matter. Winter theme? Just point our 3D team to a reference and they'll do the rest. Aquafresh did, they've asked for a guy in a latex suit, with a saint's hat, dancing and making sure you maintain your oral hygiene.

We couldn't promise to keep a straight face, but we did promise to deliver.