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London Accessibility workshop by CMG

London Accessibility Workshop by CMG

In CMG, we work alongside global clients to assist them in achieving their missions and goals within the digital segment. Lately, the digital sphere started to change, and even though accessibility has been present for quite some time, it is taking the spotlight. Being accessibility compliant already become mandatory in some countries, and by 2025. it will become a crucial part of any brand communication and presentation. We doubled down and created a team that studied, analyzed, and created a roll-out plan for accessibility solutions. Our mission is to spread awareness as the first step in helping our clients achieve digital equity in their assets and our team of experts is ready to take you on that journey.

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This year, we participated in the Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), marked in May, by kicking off our Accessibility workshop in our clients’ European offices, so during the last week of Summer, our journey has led us to London. Firstly, the famous London weather made us question whether to take sunglasses or umbrellas (we decided on both, mostly used neither). To reach our goal for the day, we had to think about a lot of moving parts, exactly how a person who uses Accessibility Aligned Solutions feels. The clients we visited over three days are a part of the healthcare industry. As such, it is especially important that any consumer or patient-facing content is accessible to all users, allowing them easy access to any information. Ensuring accessibility within the digital realm is a great way of showing the values a company holds. Approaching accessibility is an important step for any company or enterprise, so we were invited to hold workshops for their internal communication teams.

Ela Jokić Project Management Team Lead

Overall, we visited three clients, held four workshops, and had the pleasure of exchanging experiences and knowledge with over 70 people! Through this journey, we have realized that digital accessibility, or the lack of it, affects so many more individuals. It’s one thing to look at numbers and statistics, but it’s a completely unique experience to hear stories from our clients who either benefit from digital accessibility themselves or have loved ones who benefit from it.

Accessibility may seem like a result, but you quickly realize the dynamic behind it. That’s exactly how we would describe our week in London. With that in mind, companies, especially enterprises, should not overlook accessibility within the company’s internal communication. Luckily, our clients are already aware of how important it is to align and exhibit their values through internal and external communication.

Our workshop focuses on raising awareness around digital accessibility, so the nature of it is interactive and engaging, giving everyone a chance to express themselves should they wish to do so. Because of this, great conversations were initiated, with a flood of ideas coming from participants. Each session has left both us and our clients with new information to ponder, and we are thrilled to be invited to participate in our clients’ journey of achieving digital equity. Anybody can be a part of that journey, and everybody should be a part of it. Don’t hesitate to reach out and find out where your company fits within the world of digital equity.

Now that you have received a glimpse into the atmosphere of our workshops, feel free to reach out if you feel such an activity would be a good fit for you and your organization!


Author: Ela Jokić, Project Management Team Lead