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The Future of Motion Design

The future of motion design

Design is a vast field with numerous specialized disciplines, each bringing a unique flair to the creative process: from graphic and web design to user experience and user interface design. Among these, we have the youngest sibling – motion design – an enchanting blend of art and digital technology.

Motion design is a sub-discipline that combines graphic design principles, animations, and video effects to produce materials for video production. It finds its greatest expression in the world of film and television.

Psycho title sequence gif
North By Northwest title sequence

(title sequences for movies Psycho and North by Northwest by Saul Bass)

You may not realize it, but those dynamic visuals breathe life into your favorite movies and TV shows, making them even more unforgettable.

Seven Title Sequence
true detective title sequence

(title sequences from movies Seven by Kyle Cooper and tv series True Detective by Patric Clair)

What makes motion design special is its ability to add the dimension of time to its creations, bringing a whole new level of impact and making conveyed messages impressive and memorable. By carefully blending images or videos with bold headlines and text, motion design ensures your message reaches your target audience uniquely and compellingly.

But as the technology and marketing landscape continues to evolve and advance, one cannot help but wonder: what lies ahead for the future of motion design?

While the previous generation was accustomed to experiencing time-based art and advertising through TV, movie theaters, films, shows, and cartoons, the newer generations have grown up in an era of interactivity, with video games becoming a prominent part of their lives. This shift opens up exciting possibilities as motion graphics embrace a new dimension – interactivity.

ready player one gif

1. Interactive advertising, do you use it?

According to a study by Magna, IPG Media Lab, and Tremor Video DSP, interactive video ads have a remarkable impact on viewer engagement. They can drive an impressive 47% increase in the time spent with the ad compared to non-interactive video ads. Not only that, but this ad type also proves to be 32% more memorable than standard ads, with a whopping nine times higher influence on purchase intent.

The significance of interactive advertising doesn’t end there. As a powerful tool for brand differentiation, 88% of marketers recognize its potential to set brands apart from competitors. It’s no wonder that interactive ads are becoming an increasingly favored choice to captivate audiences and make a lasting impression in today’s competitive marketing landscape.

One great example of an interactive ad is Samsung’s Space Zoom Facebook interactive playable ad, designed with a fun gamified element that aids users in understanding the phone’s features as they complete game objectives within a limited time. This enjoyable experience helps users learn about the phone in a relaxed and engaging way.

2. Virtual reality

Motion graphics showcase

Motion graphics have an incredible potential to create immersive and interactive experiences in virtual and augmented reality environments. From adding that extra sparkle to VR games to enhancing training simulations and various interactive applications, motion graphics open up a world of captivating possibilities that are sure to leave a lasting impact on users.

3. Interactive displays and augmented reality

Picture yourself strolling through an art exhibition, and suddenly, you come across a mesmerizing piece of history – a necklace from a sunken ship or a spear tip once wielded by a brave prehistoric hunter. As you stand there, intrigued, a graphic pops up before you, inviting you to embark on a captivating journey. With a simple scroll, you find yourself exploring the very location where this artifact was unearthed. You follow a timeline that takes you back through the ages, and in the blink of an eye, you are magically transported to that significant moment in history.

These captivating installations transform passive observation into an engaging journey of discovery, making learning and experiencing more dynamic and delightful. The potential for motion graphics to enrich our public spaces is truly captivating, offering a world of interactive wonders waiting to be explored.

Nike Naked Eye 3D gif


In this ever-changing digital landscape, motion design continues to evolve, shaping the way we experience visual storytelling. So, next time you’re caught up in a mesmerizing animation or a compelling scene, take a moment to appreciate the skilled motion designers behind it, who add that extra sparkle to our screens and make our viewing experiences truly special.