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A picture is worth a thousand words, but who has the time to stare at a picture? Cliché sayings aside, it is obvious some formats of online content are getting devoured while others are saved for later and never consumed. With a surge of short video formats, quick-snappy ads, and memes, longer formats such as articles are becoming increasingly obsolete. When was the last time you sat in front of your computer and read an article, if you really didn’t have to?

Advertising became a jungle long time ago, and brands are trying to communicate with the consumers in every way possible. Copywriters are pouring hours into articles, but even though your article is well-written and full of useful information, sometimes it’s hard to hit everybody you want. That’s why you should look at solutions that can add some extra value to your written and visual content.

Articles often get bookmarked and then forgotten, but there is a way of making them pop!

Let’s imagine Martha

The best way of explaining this problem is by imagining a person more or less like you. Martha is a busy bee, she works 9 hours a day, has household chores, and her free time is limited. While she’s at work, she can’t scour the internet and read articles about products. She needs a new shampoo, a new skincare routine, and a new washer, and she would really like to get informed about possible choices, but she must settle for word of mouth or 5-second ads because she just can’t find the time.

Just like Martha, all of us have activities during the day that aren’t work-related, but you’re still busy, such as cooking, driving around in a car or public transportation, cleaning, or going to the store. Martha would like to use that time to get information about things she likes or needs, but she can’t really focus on her phone, so articles are a no-go. Also, even when you have time to read, articles often get bookmarked for “later”. Some people will really read it, some will do only half, and a lot will forget about it. While doing all her daily activities, Martha realized that her ears are free.

So, how can we help Martha get the information she needs?


A woman texting on a phone

Nothing new, but so fresh

Let’s say someone shared an article with you, and right below the title, there is a play button. You alt-tab, go back to your lunch break and listen. You learned everything important in that article because audio even lets the creator emphasize some segments. Change their tone of voice when something is really important, silly, or funny. The possibilities are endless.

Now, your brands articles filled with advice on how to use a product and fit your customer needs aren’t being bookmarked for later. Interesting facts about the history of a product and how was it developed is not lost to history. New releases, specifications, discounts, practical uses, frequently asked questions, whatever your brand wants to communicate to its audience with any real value for the customer. All of that is finding its way to your customers.

Investing in an option to increase your brand awareness is always a good investment. Also, you’re showing your customers you care about their time and providing people with disabilities a great utility. There are no downsides. You win, and the customer wins.

Listen Up Visual 2

We hope you will listen to this article

Your audio journey should begin right now. Don’t worry – you aren’t late. Audio content only started reclaiming its place within main advertisement assets. Until recently, most companies have been focused on text, visuals, and video, forgetting to embrace the power of audio.

Creating audio content is easy, and it has a lot of benefits, such as:

  • It is convenient for multitaskers (e.g., listen while you commute, exercise, etc.)
  • Building 1:1 branding-listener relationship
  • Increasing accessibility on the website
  • Simple to implement

Also, you have a couple of options how to go about it. You can choose a talent that fits the topic and your brand. By picking a great talent fit for it, you are taking your content and brand to the next level, making it recognizable and representable in the eye of the consumer. It shows commitment, thought, and new ideas behind your brand. Or you can opt for an AI-generated voiceover which is a simple and fast solution, and with the advancement of tech AI really started to sound great. AI-generated voice is getting better by the day; you can choose between hundreds of languages, age of the reader, and gender of the reader. There is something for every need.

Whatever you decide, you’re gaining something, and most importantly, your content is gaining a new dimension.

Why let all that content sit on your page without it being properly utilized when you can use it not only to hit your target audience and raise awareness about your products, but promote your brand even further? Give it an audio layer, promote it, attract people to the usually not as visited parts of your page and provide them with information without interrupting their stride or breaking their tempo.