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Falling In Love With The New CMG

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Time for a change, finally!

The only way to grow is to actively move forward. It’s been 21 years since we started, and in those 21 years, we did a ton of stuff.

Our old brand was great back then, but we needed something new to reflect our company evolution. So, we decided it is time to revisit our wardrobe and do an extensive rebranding.

A new look and feel is made to empower us in a new era. It feels slick, fresh, and motivating (at least according to our design team).

Put a dot on it

The full stop is not left there by accident, as it is also a part of our identity. The dot is a graphic motif that hints at our global reach. It’s also a point of convergence — a space where user needs, business needs, and technical know-how come together.

 But, it wasn’t only about the looks. We needed to make sure that the brand walks and talks CMG style, reflecting our values.

CMG is a scaling digital design & smart production agency, but it is also much more than that. It is a collective of people that share the same goal: we want to provide our clients with ease of mind and translate their global message into a local one, no matter the market. Why complicate things when you can use that time to find a solution that is fast, to the point, and straightforward.

We believe that now more than ever, in the midst of a rapid technology growth, it is super important to put people first. No matter how important it is but tech is just a medium that connects global brands with their (still very human) consumers.

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biljkoborci CMG giftbag

Subtle font curves add a human and spontaneous element to the letterforms. Notice that G with a twist? Well, that's a smile right there, and it symbolizes all of us who share a positive and can-do attitude.

Same values, new haircut

In terms of our work, not much has changed. We’re still doing what we do best, helping clients achieve digital excellence – at speed and scale.  And we’ll keep on doing it.

Welcome to the new CMG.

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Feel free to ping us anytime, we got you covered. Best ideas start with a casual talk.