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Reach New Heights With a Brand New Ad Format

Audio article-

Video ads are great, but what about people who tune in to YouTube while cooking, listening to podcasts, or jogging? Fear not, we have the answer!

In today’s ever changing and fast market, capturing the audience’s attention is a feat of strength on its own. Ad formats are abundant, but this brings not only more options for companies; it brings more complexity and consumer oversaturation with specific types of formats. You know your product is great and you want to share it with your target audience, you did your homework, you know the strategy and the target, but somewhere along the way, your ad gets lost.

We all can know for a fact that users who aren’t present on YouTube won’t click on ads. Maybe they are chopping onions or finishing their treadmill run and an ad started – they won’t click it; they won’t understand it as it is a video ad and they will surely forget it. That’s where audio ads come in.

Woman running in nature

Thing is – awareness is the king. Awareness is often the tipping point in a customer’s journey, so to become successful at ‘pushing the ball over the goal line’ you need to start with raising awareness. You choose Coca-Cola over Pepsi (or vice-versa) for a reason, not because you clicked an ad on YouTube. Audio ads are meant to do exactly that, to drive the awareness into your corner and in a creative, non-invasive, and to-the-point way lift consideration.

From a technical perspective, audio ads are CPM-based ads that target auditory listeners (users who listen to podcasts, concerts, or lectures). You can choose between different categories which are called dynamic music lineups and they let you target a specific group through their listening interests.

Ad length is a maximum of 15 seconds which, in a way, puts you in a hard spot because your ad must be on point; the tone of voice, tempo, creativity, the message, everything must be done perfectly. In that case you won’t only capture the auditory audience’s interest but the ones that are watching YouTube too, as the format is followed by a still image or animation, and the new format alone will pique interest in the customer

Achieving awareness is the key in selling the product as audiences aren’t computers and they don’t care about or great strategy, goals, and market research, they care if it’s good or not.

If you want to talk numbers, we got those as well! More than 75% of measured audio ads significantly lifted brand awareness. For example, SEAT repurposed their video ads into audio ones. Through dynamic music lineups, they targeted people with an affinity towards technical podcasts and social media lectures, as well as those in a market for a hatchback. They drove a 21% lift in ad recall and boosted brand consideration significantly.

man cleaning and listening music

No wonder when more than 2 billion people come to YouTube to experience music and auditory formats each month!

So, this all sounds great but how does that fit you? Well, with the right creative asset created exclusively for you, that is taking factors you didn’t think about before such as “what would this product sound like if it was a person?” – you can discover this new format and drive those numbers home!

‍Luckily, CMG Croatia has a great creative team that proved time and time again they have what it takes to look at the marketing challenges from a different angle and produce new meaningful assets or, repurpose, recreate and transform old ones, giving them that crisp new life. So, listen to your customers’ needs and reply back – with audio ads. Great things are waiting!