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Future proof your tech stack

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Delivering at the speed of business you must!

Today’s fast paced environment and consumers’ expectations requires business to have flexible and easily scalable solutions that will help them quickly respond to business needs. Yeah, yeah, everybody knows this, but it is one of the daily struggles for marketers to find the right tools and set up the right processes to enable their teams to do so: be fast and cost efficient.

In today’s reading, we have prepared an overview of our daily savior & partner, Contentful, that is helping us deliver at the much-needed speed. Aside from this, we will also share news they recently prepared to make their clients’ & partners’ work even easier.

Composable Content platform

Contentful is a composable content platform that helps it’s users deliver daily digital experiences across the globe for the world’s biggest brands.

What does composable content platform mean?

Composable content means that you can build your content as blocks and reuse them within different segments of your environment. It might mean reusing it across different channels, regions or business segments. It gives the business the opportunity to deploy and reuse the content in a much faster and cost-efficient way.

Composable as platform means easier systems extensions through the app framework. No matter what the business needs are: e-commerce, personalization, automated translations and any other, Contentful App Framework has a vast variety of solutions that can ensure easy ecosystem expansions as business requires. In addition to this, it gives flexibility and opportunity to plan the digital transformation in phases vs having to switch over to a monolith solution and strain the business with more tight cost and timings.

Both composable aspects help us scale and deliver solutions faster according to our global-to-local, local-to-global and local-to-local models.

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New features in the platform

1. Better collaboration across teams.

Contentful pays close attention to what its users say and works hard to increase their day-to-day efficiency.

This is why they have built a new Contentful Studio with features tailored to enable even more content teams. The aim was to easily access the tools that will help produce content even faster and reduce the need for developers support at the same time.

Some of the teams that will benefit the most from this update are the Editors, Copywriters, SEO teams and Developers. With the new features, these teams will have more features and workflows at their disposal that will make their daily work more focused and easier. At the same time, by enabling more Editors, SEO and Copywriting teams, Developers will spend less on supporting mentioned teams and focus more on building new experiences.

With these new features, Contentful helps break the siloed approach we too often see in business and helps maximize efforts of content creation.


2. Connection across regions and brands

One of the key goals of the Orchestration capabilities is to ensure that Contentful users can maximize the benefits of having composable content.

The new Orchestration capability allows:

  • Creating a library of content models to be easily reused across the business
  • Use references to more easily reuse content across channels

This allows reducing the need for manual migration and much easier content architecture replication across the business which is important both for developers and product owners.

Contentful procedure

3. Build new experiences with easily expandable stack

Monolith solutions can bring a significant lack of flexibility when it comes to adding new features to a CMS. This is a problem that the headless CMSs and composable architectures aim to resolve.

As an example, Contentful offers a vast set of apps that cover upgrades your business might need. Here are just some of the best of breed solutions available:

  • Writer – AI writing assistant for teams, allows editors to check content for spelling, grammar, readability, brand terminology and more
  • Shopstory – allows editors to build content visually, reducing the need for development time. It can support needs from adding new landing pages until adding content pieces within existing ones.
  • Cloudinary & Bynder – DAM solutions that allow easy access to digital media and good websites performance.
  • Commercetools and Commerce layer – solutions to power your e-commerce strategy
  • Ninetailed – personalization tool that allows editors to personalize content and A/B test.

Summing it all up, there are an incredible number of options available, ready to cater for various business needs.

At the end of the day

Do not reinvent the wheel. There are a multitude of ready solutions and proven cases that work. It is not necessary to embark on a long re-platforming journey that will require a ton of money and manhours not to mention headaches due to lack of organizational readiness and missed deadlines.

By choosing a composable tech stack you will gain the opportunity to bring innovation in an iterative way. It will also help reduce the time and money efforts, not to mention reduce various risks across the business.

You might not have the resources internally to pull the process through, but here is where a good agency partner can do miracles.