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The First Station on Your Way to Digital Transformation

Project type:
Digital Production Decoupling model set-up
first station on your way to digital transformation
The First Station on Your Way to Digital Transformation intro image

The challenge

Speeding up production & delivery, reducing costs and number of agencies, increasing efficiencies by eliminating duplication, and ensuring consistency and compliance within a multinational company is never easy.

Running a digital transformation - changing existing processes, setting up a new framework, and successfully implementing the model both globally and locally - is the cornerstone behind any successful business. And a real challenge to get it right.

The process

The discovery phase is a critical step. Through key stakeholder interviews, we discover business goals, plans, and the challenges the company faces.

To establish a true partnership means to ensure openness and transparency. Our digital experts can objectively map out requirements and provide risk assessment for the new model establishment and implementation.

It funnels through the Digital Centers of Excellence, providing a vital step in digital transformation.

With the CMG DOiT model, our proven framework for digital excellence, we set up a new digital ecosystem with technology supporting the client's business growth.

The solution

Not only did we create new solutions, but we've made successful implementation for one of the largest Pharma companies in the world.

We have supported the establishment of Centers of excellence, shaped processes, and set up the KPI framework. In the implementation phase we were responsible for the onboarding, training, tracking, monitoring, and compliance.

Changing the digital ecosystem takes a minimum of 3 to 4 years for the setup, implementation and enhancement. Only after a couple of years, the transformation reach of this magnitude can be assessed and adequately measured, while new evolution is being planned.

Periodic and regular follow-ups on the model implementation ensure that the business keeps the "eye on the prize" in the long-term relationship and ensures operational excellence.

The successful implementation resulted in:
- 79% time reduction*
- 30% cost optimization* and -66% cost avoidance
- KPIs met, even way above targets
- Content adoption rate increased to 40%
*compared to legacy agency

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