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We design ways to connect with your audience. The right message, in the right context, at the right phase of their journey. Balance between creativity and data while delivering a relevant experience and personalized messaging. Otrivin campaign wanted precisely that; an efficient and effective personalized content and targeted messaging. They've got a dynamic creative toolkit, data-tested and optimized for multiple platforms that, in the end, maximized the media impact.
Strong partnership with the agency team, always positive people with can do attitude that makes all the difference
GSK Category Global Digital Marketing Manager, Pain


In the global digital space, a single moment of truth decides the next step in a consumer's journey. Within, the generic ads have a hard time sparking interest in a distractive environment.

The key goal to the Otrivin's campaign was in surpassing advertisement oversaturation on websites and breaching consumer skepticism by providing relevant targeted content. Visuals had to be great, load times had to be low, and messaging had to deliver value.


Our DCO content creation started with the standardized process on the global platforms Google DV 360 and Studio.

Campaigns are set-up with actionable data provided by the media agency. With every new campaign, we learned more about consumers' interactions and behaviors. This way, we increased content optimization per each cycle. Multiple iterations of ads were created using the same base creative, while parts were tailored based on audiences, context, and past performance. This helped the ads resonate with the relevant consumers.
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