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Australia, UAE, Malaysia, Denmark, South Africa, Uruguay, Peru
Project type:
Master Website Build & Localizations
panadol case
panadol web component

The challenge

Panadol reached out to CMG to help the brand to redesign the Panadol master website and its associated microsite based on the newly launched visual brand language. 

The website had to be localized on five global markets, maintaining its new look and feel but providing market-specific content, product specifics and messaging.

The process

Based on SEO data, we conducted UX/UI research and engaged in wireframe and design creation.

Once we've built and launched the master site, we kicked off the localization process. We paid close attention to each market's specifics, adhering to socio-cultural nuances. 

We provided customized image matrix, sourcing, and adaptation suggestions.

panadol wireframes
panadol design

The solution

We successfully delivered an on-brand master site adhering to visual changes and cascaded this to all five markets.

Local content was relatable to the original design, yet locally relevant and authentic.

Visit live site:

panadol website design full



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