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Personalized Approach to Increase Engagement

FMCG client
Russia and +10 CEE markets
Project type:
Mobile App Development
FMCG case
period callendar component

The challenge

The client wanted to increase and personalize interaction with its consumers, with focus on the POME target audience that is about to enter or already entered the market .

Education and 24/7 availability for the consumers required personalization and flexibility in serving the right content at the right time.

The process

CMG designed and developed native mobile apps for accurate and detailed monitoring of the menstrual cycle, moods, and symptoms.

The app provides personalized UI, content, and features to different target audiences.

App's Admin panel allows easy updates of the apps' products info, articles, adjusting featured content, and promotion of main features.

The solution

We created a solution that is easy to maintain and scale across markets.

The data collected from consumers allowed us to personalize both content and app features.

mobile app design


FMCG client

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FMCG client

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