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We can only fit so few people on a single page. But behind each face, there is a whole team of digital enthusiasts making great things together.

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behind the work!

Rob Anderson
Rob Anderson
Ana Tolić
Ana Tolić
Sanda Soptija Šiljak
Sanda Soptija Šiljak
Vice President
Stela Čupić
Stela Čupić
Head of Digital Services
nensi muslimović
Nensi Muslimović
Head of Delivery Services
okan ucok
Okan Ucok
Head of Client Services
biljana martinčić
Biljana Martinčić
Account Director
sara bužleta
Sara Bužleta
Account Director
diana kukić dasko
Diana Kukić Dasko
Account Director
matea prodan
Matea Prodan
Program Director
kristijan matas
Kristijan Matas
Program Director
gordana jerković
Gordana Jerković
Service & Innovation Director
ivana kalac
Ivana Kalac
People & Culture Director
ana tanasić kandučar
Ana Tanasić Kandučar
Finance Director
dejan rajković
Dejan Rajković
Technology Director