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Behind every successful business, there is a woman

Behind every successful business, there is a woman

In these trying times, we need some positive stories, and what better story than a story of success? 

Did you know that only 6% of Fortune 500 CEOs are female? And while women make 47% of the workforce in the USA they only make 25% in computing roles. It is popular to say „we are all equal“ but can we back it up with practice?

So, where are our Marie Curies and Coco Chanels of today? Where is the inclusion and, in the end, proof that women can also be leaders - if we have only 6% to work with? Well, CMG Croatia might have the answer! 

Trends are changing and now, more than ever, companies are trying to implement policies regarding equality of opportunities. For CMG, that came naturally – and that's why we are thriving. As a successful business leader and president of CMG, Ana Tolić is more than qualified to give us her take on the subject.

Watch the full interview with Ana here: