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Make your presence known on Social Media

Nordic markets
Project type:
Social media assets
Make your presence known on social media
sendoyne-pink ribbon

The challenge

Social media assets are an amazing opportunity to reach brand awareness, develop trust and authenticity. On social networks, an average consumer encounters around 5000 branding messages a day. From corporate, consumer to expert categories, the same challenge persists - How can a brand distinguish itself and spark consumers interest?

In the following case, our client requested us to create the corporate pages with new and unified Sensodyne digital content. Additional goal was a social media asset creation supporting a “pink ribbon” initiative to spread awareness about sensitive topics of special importance.

The process

As seasoned brand partners, with the versatile post-production expertise, and a goal of maximizing local-to-local adoption and scalability in the multi-channel social network environment – we proactively suggested and created various digital assets from scratch, with little or no references or working inputs.

Creation was done in a way to maximize reusability and adaptation potentials for other Sensodyne markets in the future initiatives.

The solution

We achieved unified look-and-feel through all the targeted social media networks assuring complete coverage of all needed asset types. Produced images, carousels, animations, and videos were provided in all required formats that were a perfect match for the social networks - and proven-by-data to succeed in the mobile environment.

By successfully creating more than 30 assets, we not only delivered BIC platform-tailored content for our client, but also helped to spread awareness of breast cancer & how to prevent it, empowering women of all ages to get educated and share their experience with other women across the globe.

With the same goal in mind - to help you and your target audience - we continue to shape brands presence on social networks, efficiently and in a timely manner.

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