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Improve Data-Driven User Engagement

Project type:
Data-Driven Display Campaign
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The challenge

In the global digital space, a single moment of truth decides the next step in the consumer's journey. Within, the generic ads have a hard time sparking interest in a distractive environment.

The key to the campaign's success lies in surpassing advertisement oversaturation on websites and breaching consumer skepticism by obtaining the right placement, engaging visuals, and relevant content with the shortest load speeds.

Dynamic Content Optimization (DCO) provides solutions to these challenges. 

The process

Our DCO assets creation initialize with a goal-oriented collaboration with programmatic stakeholders while applying a data-driven approach to the whole content production process.

Campaigns are set-up with actionable data provided by the media agency; geographic, social, demographic, behavioral, etc. With every new campaign, we learn more about our consumers' interactions and behavior. This way, we increase content optimization per each cycle.

Our digital display production team applies a time and cost-efficient agile approach for the dynamic creative toolkits creation, with campaign messaging and visuals re-usability in mind.

Our assets supply ad-serving platforms with the best-optimized creatives. They are supported with machine-learning decisions in real-time and serve the most hyper-relevant dynamic ads to specific consumers.

The solution

CMG provides DCO with emphasis on the balance between creativity and data while delivering a better experience and personalized messaging.

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