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Implement New Visual Identity Without Delays

Project type:
Website Redesign & Development
implement new visual identity without delay
new visual identity component

The challenge

A renowned hair care brand targets authentic millennials and Gen Z women who stand out from the crowd. The brand aims to lead the consumer towards the evaluation point through trustworthy content presenting their commitment to bio-diverse ingredients, inclusive products, and partnerships that protect & preserve the planet for all nature lovers.

As a long-standing partner that worked on various asset production and localizations across different digital touchpoints, we were asked to revamp their old website for the US market while introducing a new VisID concept.

The process

We developed a herbarium-like website that evokes the organic look, freshness, and infusion of botanical experts. With the vast asset repository already in our hands, we’ve managed to repurpose and reuse some of the content and assets to provide budget and time-related benefits.

Those benefits go beyond the project with the same approach being used for digital touchpoints (TVC iVideo, banners, POSM, email templates, social media content, eCommerce, and more) while allowing flexibility when it comes to adaptations to local specific requirements.

The solution

With our recognized E2E support, we applied BIC solutions throughout different segments of the project with attention to usability goals and accessibility requirements, consumer characteristics, and on-brand content keeping consistent communication.

As brand guardians and reliable digital executors, we have built a trustworthy partnership resulting in the brand’s satisfaction beyond just website services on a global and local level.

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