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Engage & Educate Users All at Once

Project type:
Interactive Video
engage & educate users all at once
voltaren video component

The challenge

Giving relevancy to a target audience is one of the main priorities in advertising.

The target audience is oversaturated with standard digital content types, so the video had to be engaging and impress the audience.

The process

The campaign objective was to drive user engagement through an innovative interactive video format uploaded to the brand website.

We collected existing assets, put them in a relevant framework, and used developer magic to link separate sections in one user-friendly, code-empowered, video-like deliverable.

The solution

By leveraging the existing assets, production costs remained minimal, with savings that amounted to 80% for local markets.

Besides that, we produced multifaceted content and laser-targeted different consumer needs with playful, engaging, and interactive content.



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