Let's raise our glasses

to a good year behind

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Thank you for being a part of the celebration

The business landscape changed significantly in the last couple of years. However, the core of our work keeps getting better as we revisit our working practices and develop new and exciting ways of doing business with you.

But for a moment, instead of business, let's make a toast to the many great moments we had together. This Holiday season, we're here to say thank you and show our appreciation.

So, try your luck at our CMG Advent calendar, and open a winning box!

GSK Quotes of 2021

Overall sharing some fantastic quotes from this year that made this year quite unforgetable for CMG despite GSK being transitioned.

CMG, you have been the most brilliant partners & agency to work with, thank you so much for you dedication and support you have given me. The quality of work and support has been fantastic. - Global Expert Marketing Manager, Oral Health.

Love working with you all and great to be agile team together to get the new Voltaren Delta Website live.  True Teamwork as it should be! GSK, Brand Manager Incredible what you have been able to do LITERALLY OVERNIGHT! - Global Program & Transformation Lead, Pain Category

CMG, you took this on with a horrible deadline and were totally thrown in at the deep end, however, you have been a real delight to work with all the way. As our scope changed and our demands increased, your patience, resilience and commitment to the job in hand has been wonderful. - Global Digital Manager, Oral HealthA big THANK YOU for all your hard & super fast (!) work to ensure our Giftcard Promo Website went live today. I know it was tight and challenging, but I am very pleased with how well we pulled together as a team to make it work! Great contributions from everyone and I really appreciated that we all gave it 110% until the end GSK, Brand Manager, Oral Health