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Breathe Life into Your Visuals with 3D Technology

Project type:
aquafresh case
3d creation timeline

The challenge

The goal of the Aquafresh Sinterklaas Campaign was to create an additional 3D prop. The prop was Captain Sinterklaas's hat, and we had to match-move it with an existing video.

The challenging part was to extract 3D object/geometry tracking data from the video and apply it to the prop inside the 3D environment.

Since we did not receive any piece of the source project files, we had to find a way to tackle this challenging situation and organize the whole process from scratch.

The process

We began with sculpting the identical Captain Aquafresh face geometry to use it as a tracking geometry. The second stage focused on the 3D tracking parameters. We ran through a lot of phases until we had satisfying tracking data.

In the final stage, we modeled, textured, and rendered Captain Sinterklaas's Hat.

The solution

Once we had tracking data and assets ready, the final solution was to combine them inside the 3D environment, render image sequences and finally composite them with an existing video.

Despite not having working files, we have created seamless content from scratch that worked flawlessly.


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