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Boost Sales and Brand Awareness with Optimized Content

China & India
Project type:
sensodyne case
sensodyne component

The challenge

Creating content placed towards the end of the consumer journey requires specific focus.

‍Regardless if it's an item placement at the brick and mortar store or digital content present throughout online selling platforms, we need to make sure it works.

The content has to be in line with brand identity and standards but tailored to answer market-specific shopper barriers. It also needs to advocate tangible product benefits and promote a brand in a compliant way on neutral 3rd party selling platforms.

With all of this in mind, we approached the new regional product launch for Sensodyne.

The process

Before creating something that works locally, we wanted to make sure it can scale. Upon collecting globally relevant information, brand guidelines, and desired outcomes, we created the Sensodyne Herbal eCommerce Global Toolkit.

The toolkit consisted of plug-and-play deliverables based on Amazon, along with localization guidance, next steps, and considerations for multipurpose use.

The content drew on the target audience, brand personas, and eCommerce strategy.

The solution

Sensodyne Herbal eContent was launched on-time in two markets across Amazon & 2 local platforms. Product pages received updates with outstanding visuals and relevant messaging, made globally and tailored for each retailer.

Weeks after launch, the product was regularly appearing within the top 5 results on listing pages, and several other product items have updated its content to mirror Sensodyne Herbal.

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