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Speed up your content approval in pharma

April 25, 2023 Business
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Deliver highly personalized and compliant content faster at scale

Every brand needs to be able to deliver communication quickly to its consumers. The right tools can help facilitate this task for many brands or smaller companies. However, going through medical, legal, and regulatory approvals beforehand often makes this process very time-consuming for brands within the pharma industry. Additionally, the fact that the quantity of digital content is constantly increasing – you might end up with a headache. Compared to 2019, Pharma companies created 3.5 times more digital content in 2020, with the numbers growing daily, underscoring HCPs’ increased demand for more relevant information delivered in their preferred channel. As a result, it is up to marketers to create content faster and more often without additional resources.

The good news is that content modules help solve this problem by breaking down content into smaller units and subunits like claims, components, and modules, which makes the approval of the whole communication much faster since one can focus only on the new content segments.

By using pre-approved content modules to build sales and marketing assets, teams can accelerate legal, medical, and regulatory (MLR) reviews. The traditional MLR review process for new, public-facing content assets is often a significant bottleneck for many pharma companies. In fact, according to Veeva Pulse data, most pharma organizations take three weeks, on average, to deliver new content to the market.

One of the advantages of employing a modular content strategy is how much it reduces bottlenecks. Instead of a full MLR review every time you create a new asset, the individual content modules can go through an MLR review at the outset. Then, new assets can reuse these pre-approved content modules so that by the time the asset goes to the MLR team for review, a large portion of the content has already been pre-approved. This approach means faster reviews, fewer mistakes, and a smoother, less burdensome process for the MLR team.

Impact of a Modular Content Approach according to Veeva:

Percentages that shows increase of average speed to market, amount of content approved in one cycle and reduction in the cost to create content

Using modular content consists of assembling and reassembling pre-approved content blocks (also known as ‘modules’) that marketers can quickly and easily recombine into various polished assets for use across regions and channels. This approach enables a more streamlined and effective way to meet the requirements of both local customization and global brand consistency without slowing down content production.

Some of the benefits of using modular content:

● Create relevant content faster – choose from a library of pre-approved channel-agnostic content modules to create digital content faster and at scale.

● Dramatically faster reviews – reviewers can quickly identify which assets require review, making the approval process more efficient.

● Reduce the cost of content creation by increasing content reuse.

● Modular content supports the industry’s rapid shift to digital engagement through a marked change in how brand teams draft, review, and distribute content.

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Conclusion and testimonies

Modular content is a flexible, scalable way to create digital content at an accelerated pace. Pharma companies will benefit from operational efficiencies and the reuse of existing content while maintaining their focus on compliance. No matter what your current approach towards content creation & approvals is, you can leverage the modular content optimization opportunity by either modularizing existing content (larger starting investment) or building new modules as required (introduce benefits project by project). The approach is adjustable to your company’s business needs and budgets. As Veeva content partners, we see this as an excellent opportunity to create better, more engaging content faster and at scale as a key element to driving results for our clients.

“Reusing pre-approved content modules and tailoring relevant content is crucial to our modular content strategy as we customize more memorable, omnichannel experiences,” – Jason Benagh, director of global marketing operations at Moderna. “Veeva Vault PromoMats provides key capabilities like automated claims linking, global-to-local tracking, and content sharing to ensure digital assets are timely and compliant.”

Modular content is a game-changer for content creation throughout the industry – we can repurpose assets across channels and personalize content faster than ever before,” – Aleja Betancourt, global director of marketing operations at Novo Nordisk.



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