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A couple of things we made for Herbal Essences & Always Discreet

How we created websites and other assets for two big brands all over the world.

Case 1: Herbal Essences

Wonder what we've been up to? 

Well, we've kept ourselves busy. We've been developing the new Herbal Essences websites for markets around the globe — 8 markets, to be exact. With a heavy focus on accessibility, we helped to make the world a bit easier for disabled people with these AA-compliant websites. 

On top of that, we created colorful and best-in-class eCommerce assets for the Amazon MENA region! Check them out:

Driven by the Herbal Essences sustainability objectives, we enriched the consumer journey with a paper bottleneck tag that can also serve as a bookmark.

Herbal Essences paper bottleneck tag
Paper bottleneck tag

Thought that was it?

Check out what else we can do, have a look at our 3D Herbal agave banners:

Herbal Essencess 3D animation reel

Case 2: Always Discreet US

Not so discreetly refurbished

The Always Discreet website needed some serious dusting off. The key goals were user education, data collection, and stronger conversion.

We managed different agencies to help us with wireframing, design, and SEO optimization. Also, we coordinated with various 3rd parties to enable the most essential functionalities like registration, coupon offers, and product recommendation. In the meantime, CMG specialists took care of the technical build in the Modern Web framework.

One of the biggest challenges was to organize the work for multiple stakeholders. With a bit of CMG's help, the process ran like clockwork!

From the SEO and analytics point of view, the transition went really smoothly:

Google Analytics data

Our Google Analytics data shows immediate improvement in user behavior metrics.

For example, website speed improved 36%, the Bounce Rate dropped by 11%, and users spend almost 50% more time on the site

Read more about our approach to website speed optimization.

always discreet us website

Furthermore, we delivered key messages in the shortest and most informative form by creating product videos. We combined existing assets with animation, and it turned into something completely new and cool. The product videos fit perfectly with the new website look and feel.

See, that wasn't too long! But this is just the beginning. We can't wait to see what the new fiscal year will bring!